It’s More than Just Helping Others Buy and Sell Real Estate

25 years ago, I moved from Memphis, TN, to New Orleans, reconnecting my family ties and to attend Loyola University. I immediately dove into the music and food scene and passionately began an ever-evolving relationship with the City’s cultural rhythms and neighborhoods. As I regularly remind my two little boys, it’s an honor to live here and our job to ensure we respect the people and honor the places of this great City...and have a lot of fun, while we’re at it.
I take helping you buy and sell your homes and other real estate interests personally and bring a broad range of expertise to my work with you:
  • • As a property owner, landlord, tenant, investor and business owner, throughout Historic New Orleans, I know the stakes on all sides and commit my research and project management skills to every transaction I make.
  • • As a former consultant to the City of New Orleans on cultural, community, and transportation studies and - more recently - as the project manager and developer for The Network for Economic Opportunity, I maintain a broad range of urban planning, workforce, and economic development knowledge that help guide clients in making forward-thinking investments.
  • • As a mother and home-maker who loves to cook, entertain, and make my home a place that embraces family and tradition, I care deeply about your interests and the emotions behind the sale of your home or the search for a new one.
A great realtor doesn’t just help you through the process of buying or selling real estate but takes the lead in carrying you through, forged on a relationship of trust, with a commitment to consistent communications, knowledge, professionalism....and heart.

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